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The Whispering

The intention of creating The Whispering is to ask the listener to reflect on the unheard internal dialogue that surrounds us when we gather in silence. In this soundscape specifically when we gather for a church service. We are invited to step out of our own thoughts and glimpse into the minds of others and experience a sort of audio voyeurism by hearing a collage of dislocated conversations, intimate, unsettling while completely unaware of each other. This soundscape commences with a single heartbeat addressing our unique sound internal consciousness. The faster heartbeat relates to the children in the congregation. The inhaling and exhaling bridges the gap from internal to external. The soundscape includes external noises (footsteps and a baby’s cry) to prompt the viewer to external heard sounds.

Raw material was gathered from anonymous donations from Nottingham prison inmates, the congregation at St Wulfram’s church Grantham and children from Great Ponton school in Lincolnshire.